Multi-point Inspection

Multipoint Inspection

The Gil's Auto Sales Multi-Point Inspection

Buying used doesn’t have to be scary. With the Gil's Auto Sales multi-point inspection, we ensure that you can drive with confidence. Every vehicle undergoes a 55-point inspection before we ever let it hit our lot. This means that everything is working, everything is reliable, and everything is safe. Trust in us and our inspection process to provide you with the quality cars that you deserve.

Not Just an Inspection

Not only do we take the time to inspect each vehicle, but we fix everything that might be wrong. We want you to have a quality vehicle no matter what condition the vehicle was in when we acquired it. The list below represents just a few examples of the work we do.

  • Hoses and Belts — We inspect every hose and belt under the hood including timing belts, serpentine belts, and radiator hoses. If anything is bad, we replace it.
  • Suspension and Steering — We give each vehicle a road test listening for little sounds and feeling for imperfections in the steering or suspension.
  • Tires and Brakes — We know you actually want to enjoy your vehicle, and we will never sell you anything with worn out brakes or worn out tires.
  • Lights and Battery — You need every bulb to work, and you need a battery that can last you through the winter. We make sure you have both.
  • All the Little Things — We top off all the fluids and we ensure that all the little replaceable parts, such as wiper blades, are up to the task of daily driving.

This list is far from exhaustive. You can be sure that any vehicle you get from any Gil's Auto Sales location is ready to be driven without problems. We even take the time to clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle so that it will look just like new before you park it in your driveway.

Gil's Auto Sales Gives You the Quality You Deserve

Get the quality car that you need from any of our six locations. We have three locations in Phenix City, AL, at 1712 E 280 Bypass, 3959 Hwy 80 W, and 3618 Hwy 431 N. We also have two locations in Columbus, GA, at 5115 14th Ave and 7000 Northlake Connector. Our final location is in Opelika, AL, at 1430 Gateway Drive. We look forward to getting you into a quality Gil's Auto Sales vehicle soon.

Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.
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