Remember These 3 Tips & Tricks While Shopping for a Used Car

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks, Used Cars on Monday, July 31st, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Remember These 3 Tips & Tricks While Shopping for a Used Car_o

It’s us again, just here to tell you 3 more tips & tricks to remember while you’re shopping for a used car. We’ve already given you nine things you don’t want to forget, and today we’re going to dive into a few more things that are easy to overlook.

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A lot of times the dashboard is the first thing you notice when you hop into a vehicle to check everything out, but do you really <i>look</i> at it? Make sure to glance over everything on the dash, checking for cracks or stains or anything that doesn’t look right. Some of it might just be cosmetic things that you’re willing to overlook, but it could just as easily be something more serious, like a broken air vent or a stuck gauge.

Audio System & Speakers

Unless you plan on never listening to anything but the sounds of wind and traffic, which sounds pretty terrible, you’ll also want to make sure the audio system and speakers work. Don’t crank the volume up to max like kids in a Best Buy, but make sure to turn it up to a comfortable volume and see if the speakers are damage and make sure the system works the way it should.

Buttons & Switches

But after that, you do get to act like a kid in a Best Buy, as you should be touching just about every button and switch available to make sure that they work. It would be pretty awful to purchase a car only to realize that the cruise control you were promised can’t be set because the button doesn’t work, or that you can’t roll down the back-left window, etc.

Once you’ve checked all of these things, you should be in a pretty good spot. But there are still plenty of other things you could check, so don’t cut yourself off after checking these 12. And we might be back in the coming weeks with more hot tips for you, so remember to check back.

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