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Best Pizza Pies in Columbus

Gils Auto Sales has done business in Columbus for over thirty-five years, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about helping our neighbors find an affordable used car. We’ve also gone to lunch in Columbus for just as many years, and we’ve got our favorites. We’re going to share our favorite local pizza destinations, the best pies in Columbus. If you need to get a fresh ride to pick up your next pick-up order, then visit us at Gil’s Auto Sales. If you need some great pizza, try these out.

Giovanna’s Pizzeria

Like two of our Gil’s locations, Giovanna’s Pizzeria is located in Phenix City, and it is a favorite lunch spot for our teams there. The menu covers all the basics and does so with some great-tasting pie. We enjoy their take on the Margherita Pizza thanks to the extra helpings of mozzarella. We also love The Southern Belle, a breakfast pizza covered with sausage gravy, egg, cheese, and bacon. You’ve never had the most important meal of the day like this before. Giovanna’s gives you options if you don’t happen to be in the mood for a slice. While that’s never happened to us, you could go for one of their sandwiches or gyros

Mr. Pizza Brick Oven and Tap

If you’re going to call yourself Mr. Pizza, you better have good pie. We can report this is the case! Mr. Pizza Brick Oven and Tap is located on Macon Road downtown, and it’s worth the trip. They’ve got just over twenty toppings to choose from, and a robust menu of specialty pizzas that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. We’re partial to the Pig Farm, a pork paradise covered with pepperoni, ham, sausage, and bacon! The BBQ chicken or Chicken Parm are both solid options as well. Mr. Pizza has a full menu that includes pasta, wings, sandwiches, and salads, so you’ll always have options for larger groups.

Rising Flour 

Located on Gentian Blvd, Rising Flour is a favorite destination for our Northlake location. This local favorite has a great selection of pizza, subs, and salads. You can’t go wrong with the signature Superior Flour Pizza and your own selection from the around twenty different topping options. Their specialty line-up includes the stuff you’re looking for as well as some more exotic options like the spicy Chicken Sriracha Pizza or hearty Loaded Spud Pizza. You’ve never known you can get a baked potato pizza until now. We love the cinna pieces desert, even if our waistline does not.

Where are your favorite pizza destinations in Columbus and Phenix City? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! Do you need a fresh ride for your next take-out order? Gil’s Auto Sales can get you approved today! We’ve helped our neighbors get into the used car, truck, or SUV that’s right for them for over thirty years, and we can help you too! 

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