Can car batteries overheat during the summer?

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The simple answer to the question above is no, but the extreme heat often associated with Georgia and Alabama summers can cause all sorts of problems – and some of them can lead to your car overheating. Car batteries are designed to withstand the elements, as it’s hard to make sure something like a vehicle is always in the right conditions. But heat like we get here can cause liquid to evaporate, including battery fluid. While this won’t cause overheating necessarily, it can lead to issues with overcharging.

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What causes overcharging?

There are a few things that can cause your vehicle to overcharge. If your voltage regulator or the alternator itself aren’t performing effectively, more charge than necessary can get to the battery, which can cause overcharging. While overcharging isn’t technically overheating, it can seem like it. So if your vehicle is having difficulties in the summer heat, make sure to take it into a mechanic and have them check these two parts as well as the battery fluid level.

What causes overheating?

While your battery can’t actually “overheat,” overheating is a definite possibility for your vehicle’s engine, and it’s certainly exacerbated by summer heat. If you notice your vehicle not taking the hot weather too well, it might be best to avoid driving it until you can get it checked by a mechanic. If it’s unavoidable and your engine ends up overheating, follow these steps.

Hopefully none of these issues ever happen to you and your vehicle. But if they do, make sure to get them addressed right away for your own safety. The longer you let problems like these go, the more detrimental they can be not only to your vehicle’s longevity but to yourself as well.

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