What is the Best Used Car Available?

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Man Creates Hilarious and Inspiring Ad to Sell 1996 Suzuki Vitara

What factors have gone into your decision to buy a certain car in the past? If you’re like most people, it’s probably things like price, brand, features, and maybe color/style. If you’re Eugene Romanovsky, a visual effects supervisor from Tel Aviv, you’re hoping that being taken on a cinematic journey makes the list.

In an effort to sell his 1996 Suzuki Vitara, Romanovsky created an ad that, well…you need to see it

Pretty compelling, right? 

A car that’s been to the moon and back, roamed with dinosaurs, and reached the depths of the ocean makes a pretty good case for being your next used car (even with the mileage and wear that comes along with those trips). 

In addition to creating a stunning video (that seems to have cost more to produce than the car is worth), Romanovsky built a hashtag and marketing campaign around selling his used Vitara.  

Although no information is available on whether or not Romanovsky’s video and campaign worked to sell his car, they’ve certainly given him a global platform for his visual effects abilities.  

Is the 1996 Suzuki Vitara The Best Used Car? 

Are you looking for your own “Best friend” and adventure companion in the 96 Vitara?  

We hate to burst your bubble, but excepting the one in the video, the 96 Vitara is a pretty unremarkable car. Past owners have commented on the performance (96 hp) and comfort being subpar, but stating that the car ran well for many years and was overall pretty reliable.  

It is, after all, over two decades old. 

What Is the Best Used Car Available? 

Great used cars are reliable, comfortable and provide a level of performance and utility that match your needs. While these needs are different for everybody, there are some very strong contenders for the title of “best used car available.” 

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Toyota Camry – Toyota’s workhorse for over 30 years, the Camry combines Toyota’s intrepid and dependable engineering with great cabin and cargo space. 

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Honda Civic – A smaller option than the Camry, the Civic is the perfect little portrait of Honda’s sterling reputation in the industry for safety and ingenuity. 

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Toyota RAV4 – Throughout its iterations, the RAV4 has remained a testament to Toyota’s ability to combine rugged performance and comfort. This compact SUV delivers on all fronts! 

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