Winter Safety Kit for your Car

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5 Must-Have Winter Items for Your Car Emergency Kit

We are all pretty familiar with the basics for survival. They are find shelter, stay warm, find water and food, and have a way to indicate where you are. Many of these apply to winter breakdowns as well. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 must-have winter items for your car emergency kit.
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When you are in a challenging situation, you don’t want to have to look for stuff. So, it is important to keep it all in one place. It’s also important to only used in case of emergency. You want a complete kit when the time comes that you need it. We recommend a back pack to keep your kit in. It is also useful if you need to leave your vehicle, it’s easy to carry.


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If your car has broken down, you want to make sure it is easily seen. It may be that your hazared lights don’t work. So keep a small LED light in your emergency kit. If you need to leave your vehicle, you also should be visible, we highly recommend packing a reflective vest.

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Even though it is winter, you may not dress for it each time you drive. Maybe you are headed out to a special dinner and have on dressy shoes, these won’t do if you have to walk for help. Be sure to have comfortable warm shoes, a coat, hat and gloves. It’s also good to keep a blanket in your car.

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Food and Water

This category if straighforward. The key is to pack non-perishable food like sports energy bars. The most important thing to remember is to not eat it! Only eat the food and drink the water in case of emergency. Don’t snack on it on the way to work.

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You may think pen and paper are old school, but you don’t know how long your cellphone battery will last. Also, if you choose to leave the vehicle, it’s important to leave a note that indicates which direction you went and who was with you.

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We wish the absence of bad luck, and know that being prepared can make a big difference. We hope you will stop by Gil’s soon. We’d love to see you!

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3 Responses to “Winter Safety Kit for your Car”

  1. William Slater says:

    The risk of an inconvenience increases in the hog season. So, if you have the handy tools, then you need not have to wait for someone to help you in that unwanted affair. Simply using the right gadgets and your expertise, you can somehow be able to lower the adverse effect of the extremity. For that reason, it is recommended to keep the winter survival items in the vehicle’s trunk. Do you know- what are the items that you need to take with you during your winter navigation? The list has already revealed above. Apart from performing all the upkeep engagements, you need to keep the above trapping in your roadster’s trunk in order to beat the challenges of an extreme affair.

  2. Emma Megan says:

    Before leaving for a long road trip, we must be well prepared. We must keep some winter items in our car to be get ready for winter road trip. During winter, heavy snowfall, freezing rain or drizzle makes the driving difficult. For that reason we have to keep some extra set of warm clothes, small shovel, scraper and snow brush. Scraper is necessary to clear snow from the windshield. We must pack some non-perishable foods, some extra bottles of water. Besides keeping these emergency items in our car, we need to check our car thoroughly by an automotive technician before leaving for a long road trip.

  3. Shanika Rathnayake says:

    Before leaving for a long road trip, we should make our car ready to prevent unexpected breakdowns in the middle of the road. An emergency can happen to anyone. So we should be prepared for the worst case scenario, especially during the winter. In the winter car care kit, we must include the blankets, socks, hats, ice scraper, snow brush, windshield cleaner, jumper cables, cell phone charger, first aid kit. Apart from this, we should perform a quick inspection of the car by a certified mechanic to identify the abnormal parts and get them repaired or replaced as needed before leaving for a road trip.

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