3 Last Minute Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks, Used Cars on Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 at 3:25 pm
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Over the past few months we’ve been giving you information on several of the easiest things to forget when you’re shopping for a used car, so we thought we’d continue that this month with 3 of the last-minute things you should check before buying any used car. These three are probably the easiest things to overlook, so make sure to consider them when you’re sitting inside wondering if there’s anything else you should check.

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You probably don’t even realize how much time you spend looking in the vehicle’s mirrors when you’re on the road. Most of your time is naturally spent peering out the windshield or down at the instrument cluster, but you’re also constantly casting glances at the rearview mirror, the side mirrors, maybe even the mirrors on the inside of the visors when you’re in the driveway or a parking spot. Even though you’re spending all that time looking at them, it’s almost subconsciously so you might not think about it. So be sure to check each and every mirror to make sure there are no cracks, scratches or other damage that might impede their abilities.


Once again, this second item is something you use more often than you might realize. The vents are what directs the cool air of your AC or warm air of your heating unit on those hot and cold days, or blocks it off if you don’t want either. Things can get a bit chaotic if the vents are broken or simply don’t work correctly, so make sure to inspect them closely when you’re sitting in the front seat before purchase.


Finally, this is one thing that we can almost guarantee you completely forgot about. The owner’s manual is something that not a lot of people actually read, which is why it’s easy to forget or simply not consider important. But we can assure you, if anything ever goes wrong in your vehicle you’ll definitely want to have it handy. So simply check the glove box or ask the seller if they have it available, or if they can provide a replacement if the original is lost.

Hopefully this helps you out! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call, but remember we inspect all of these things ourselves and would be happy to inspect them with you when you consider purchasing one of our used vehicles.

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4 Responses to “3 Last Minute Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car”

  1. Karla Vogel says:

    Before buying a used car,we should perform a no. of inspections at first by ourselves & then by employing a mechanic. Here we shall discuss about 3 last minute things to check before buying a used car. The first thing is the mirror. We can’t realize how much time we spend looking at the mirrors while we are on the road. We must check each & every mirror to ensure that there are no cracks, scratches & other damages. The second item is vent that we use more often but we can’t realize it. Vents are that which directs the cold air of ac or warm air of heating unit on those hot & cold days . So we should inspect the vents properly before purchasing a used car. Next thing we have to check is the owner’s manual. It is generally referred for proper maintenance of the car.

  2. Elsa brown says:

    Thank you for sharing such an informative article which deals with the things to be inspected before buying a used vehicle. It is always recommended to conduct a pre-purchase inspection of the used vehicle before buying it and such types of inspection should be conducted by professional technicians, who could warn us about the condition of the vehicle, so that we could avoid the buying of junk instead a vehicle.

  3. Rosa Paula says:

    It is always better to buy a used car rather than purchasing a new car for the purpose of saving some money. But before buying a used car we must inspect it to know about it’s demerits & the pre-purchase inspection must be performed by a professional auto technician. Three easiest things that we must check before buying a used vehicle are mirror,vents and the owner’s manual. Mirrors are things that are always needed to look at distant objects. They should be always checked for any type of cracks or scratches. Vents are those which directs the cold air of AC during the hot days. We must also check the vents before purchasing.

  4. Elena silva says:

    I appreciate your suggestion to conduct a pre-purchase inspection before buying a used vehicle. Used vehicles are problematic in nature and should be inspected properly to evaluate the condition of different components of the vehicle. However, such types of inspection would be more beneficial if conducted by experienced automotive technicians. Such professionals could identify mechanical or cosmetic errors associated with used vehicles.

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